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About Deviant Artist Caitlin Blair CogarFemale/United States Recent Activity
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Dreaming of Other Worlds by DarkAlchemyStudios Dreaming of Other Worlds :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 1 2 Autumn, Everlasting by DarkAlchemyStudios Autumn, Everlasting :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 7 1 Play On by DarkAlchemyStudios Play On :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 0 0 Back To Class by DarkAlchemyStudios Back To Class :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 1 1 Follow Me into the Dark by DarkAlchemyStudios Follow Me into the Dark :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 14 2 Oh My, Kawaii by DarkAlchemyStudios Oh My, Kawaii :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 13 2 Absinthe Queen by DarkAlchemyStudios Absinthe Queen :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 17 2
The Sacrifice.
Bleak blue room,
and it fills with your tears.
All the myths you know are true,
a bitter taste to last for years.
Sacrifice your scars,
to fabricate the past.
Obliteration is a pill.
Drink it down, do it fast.
Wide awake when weakness fades,
let the nightmare disappear.
Check the time, for it is precious,
and realize why you are here.
In time of need and rest, don't hold your breath,
hold onto the only truth you have left.
Always seeing things as they aren't,
may leave you feeling ever so bereft.
Turn on all the lights,
to forget that dark exists.
Sleep dreamless, sleep still,
for your story has a shocking twist.
Double-crossed, in a time of war,
can sometimes lead to blase' amour...
and when you feel that something's wrong,
that's when you remember this song.
The rules, for you, I've listed them here.
Don't cut your ties, just erase your fears.
For there's more to the story, if you let it be.
Don't let your only heart, fill with debris.
:icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 1 0
The Demon.
This fantasy transformed into a fortress
the day the Demon came.
Swollen eyes and cold blood...
I wonder if I'll ever be the same?
Barricaded memories,
sweeping truths under the rug.
Hiding in the shadows,
lies the Demon, buried and smug.
Moving along, with pain put to rest.
Still, there's a scar fermenting in my chest.
It grows, and it burns, and it plays games,
Leaving my hope, to rise up in flames.
Sometimes, though, I can win the wretched war.
Fight the Demon, and settle the score.
For there's much more to life, than just this 'one thing'.
Living on borrowed time, dangling by a string.
Just when I feel that I'm in the clear,
It returns, with a resounding thump in my ear.
I don't want to listen, for I already know,
The grim details of this horror show.
So, wrap me in silk and send me to the Sun,
For the metamorphosis has begun.
I'm running away to another World,
A new awakening, unfurled.
:icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 2 1
See The Light by DarkAlchemyStudios See The Light :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 11 4 Butterflies and Lullabies by DarkAlchemyStudios Butterflies and Lullabies :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 7 2 Revenge by DarkAlchemyStudios Revenge :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 13 5
My heart is full of diamonds
my soul, radiating their shine
Never have I ever
crossed a lover quite like mine
Light strands of amber linger
and a scent so fair
The essence so prominent
I can still feel you there
Memories like ghosts
and futures in the stars
Promise me the words you speak
and kiss away the scars
For the night is young
and so are we
Oh, leave time behind
and let us be
:icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 0 3
Invoking The Spirit by DarkAlchemyStudios Invoking The Spirit :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 22 4 Autumn Daze by DarkAlchemyStudios Autumn Daze :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 11 3 Spiderwebs by DarkAlchemyStudios Spiderwebs :icondarkalchemystudios:DarkAlchemyStudios 15 7


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focallength Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
Love the new ID. You look gorgeous.
TwiztidAllure Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student General Artist
I know it's been a few years since you've posted anything here on DA... but I'd still like to wish you a happy birthday. I hope everything goes well for you.
I've been a fan of your work since you first started here on DA now and recently discovered you again. I hope all is well and still look forward to seeing any future work you may happen to post here.

OpenWings-Creations Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there, I want to invite you to our online coven if you are interested. Http://
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beautiful galleries.. you are beautiful!!
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I like your poetry and I want to ask you if you will join my group
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you're the prettiest girl ever met on deviantart O.O
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Do you have a Facebook or ModelMayhem? I can let you know the next time I'm there =)
reydelbolero Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
You have an amazing gallery! I look forward to seeing what you do next!
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